You must pay the FCC fee within 10 days!

1.  You do NOT have to wait for the email from the FCC to pay the fee. As soon as an the application file number is issued by the FCC, you can pay by logging into the CORES Payer FRNSystem (easier to use but only temporarily available) or the CORES FRN Registration system (CORES – Login).

Application File Number search using an FRN: FCC Application File Number Search
CORES payment system background information and instructions: Information.
CORES step-by-step payment instructions: FCC Application Fee Instructions

2.  The FCC help center stated there is a known issue with individuals paying the $35 application fee via a smartphone or tablet. This is not a new issue and they haven’t been able to help troubleshoot the issue at the support center. You are encouraged to login and pay the FCC application fee from a computer.

3.  Examinees should NOT amend any applications that a VEC submits on their behalf, especially NEW license applications. Amending VEC filed applications will cause the application to be dismissed without action in the FCC system and potentially require the applicant to pay another $35 fee. If there is a minor mistake on the application, either call the ARRL VEC at 1-800-9ARRLVE (1-800-927-7583) and they can correct and resubmit the application, or the individual can pay the fee, be issued the call sign, and then log back in and make corrections.

4.  You should review your application BEFORE paying the fee. If there is a major error on the application, such as the licensee’s name or license class earned is incorrect, or the answer to the felony question is wrong, DO NOT PAY the FCC fee and immediately call the ARRL VEC at 1-800-9ARRLVE (1-800-927-7583) 

5.  When in doubt, call the ARRL VEC!  Even if you think you shouldn’t bother them with your question, call anyway.


For additional information, please visit: FCC application fee for information and instructions.