If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out via the contact page or stop by an upcoming test session and we’ll be happy to chat with you! You can obtain more information on becoming an ARRL VE here

ARRL Advisor & C/LVE

Harry Steger, Extra, WØHMS


Ed Berkel, Extra, AEØEB


David Bartholomew, Extra, ABØTO

Roland Kramer, Extra, WØRL

Peter B. Brisbine, Extra, NM5PB


Kevin Naumann, Extra, NØWDG

Jerry Phillips, Extra, N6JP

Sheila Phillips, Extra, WØSMP


Kenneth Simila, Extra, KCØVMY

John Mountain, Extra, KJØMTN

Charlie Wilmes, Extra, KWØK

Wayne Gmachl, Extra, KDØNEO

Jon P. Schaumann, Extra, WØKZ

Janelle Brisbine, Extra, NM5JB

Tom Simon, Extra, KØTJS

James Walther, Extra, WJ4CR

Loren Chassels, Extra, KLØT

Tim Armstrong, Extra, KF9FJ

Melissa Armstrong, General, N9UGX

Bill McIlwee, Extra, KFØNNQ